Long Weekend Getaway to Charleston, South Carolina

The Perfect Southern Escape Charleston is the perfect long weekend getaway! Whether you are traveling through the United States and want to explore the American South; you live in the North and are looking for a warm getaway; you are looking to do a girls’ weekend or celebrate a Bachelorette party; you want to do […]

Dreamy Places to Eat, Drink and Have Fun in Bali

Travel Girls Getaways Blogging Retreat Bali is one of the dreamiest places in the world. If you read my blog post on the Highlights of Bali or if you have actually been to the Indonesian island yourself, then you know that the country is filled with an amazing culture, beautiful people, pristine beaches, stunning tropical […]

Austin, Texas City Guide: The New American Hotspot!

City Guide: Austin, Texas Not only am I trying to globe trot to different countries around the world, I also have a curiosity to see all that my home country has to offer! Over the past few years, mid-size American cities such as Nashville, New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Portland, […]

Staying in a Buddhist Temple in Mount Kōya, Japan (What to Expect)

Traveling Back to the Future in Japan Mount Kōya is a peaceful Buddhist temple settlement located in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture. This sacred town is located two hours south of both Nara and Osaka and is the ideal place to find peace. During my time in Mount Kōya, we had the opportunity to stay […]

A Visitor’s Guide to Nara, Japan

Traveling Back to the Future in Japan Nara is a beautiful city in Japan that offers sacred sites, beautiful nature, traditional Japanese culture and overall peace. Nara is also home to friendly, free-roaming deer and the largest Buddha in Japan! Discover everything there is to see and do in Nara. **Please note that this blog […]

Everything to do in Kyoto, Japan

Traveling Back to the Future in Japan Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, is now a beautiful city filled with classical Buddhist temples, numerous Shinto shrines (including an infinite amount of torii gates), traditional wooden Japanese houses, imperial palaces, geishas and a great nightlife. After taking the Sanyo Shinkansen train, we finally arrived in my […]

Two Days in Hiroshima and Miyajima, Japan

Traveling Back to the Future in Japan Hiroshima is the largest city in western Japan and it will always be associated with the devastation of the first and only atomic bombing in 1945. Nowadays, Hiroshima is a vibrant and culturally rich city with some pretty amazing food, nature, shopping and sacred sites. Read all about […]

Two Days in Hakone, Japan (Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi, Mount Komagatake and Odawara)

Traveling Back to the Future in Japan Hakone was the perfect second stop on my Japan tour after Tokyo. After saying goodbye to the bright neon lights and dancing robots, I said hello to a more picturesque and tranquil Hakone (pronounced as Ha Cone Ey). It was in Hakone where I first got to experience […]

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