What You SHOULD NOT Spend Money On Once You Book a Trip

Travel Tips: Money Hacks

Traveling is possible; most people do not realize that! For those who have a sense of wander, it is important to note that there are a plethora of different saving methods to make that dream trip a reality and not just assume it is only possible for the rich and famous.

There are numerous ways to save money for a big trip and I am excited to help you limit some costs before you go on that next adventure. Here are 10 different ways you could avoid spending extra money when you decide to go on your next journey.

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Staying at a Five-Star, Top-of-the-Line Hotel:

With the rise in Airbnb growth, you could easily find a pristine and charming place of your choice to call home for a week (or more) for the half the cost of staying in a pricey hotel. Now, I am not saying that every Airbnb is cheap and that they are all more affordable than staying in a hotel; it is all about doing your research, seeing when prime tourism season is and finding that perfect place for you and your fellow travelers’ needs and budget.

Whether you choose to stay in a hotel or Airbnb, there are pros and cons to both. When you stay in a hotel, you are getting a free cleaning service and (most of the time) a complementary buffet breakfast that is built into the price you are spending to stay there. Sometimes spending the extra money to save time and energy from cooking and cleaning is worth it, but if you are really looking to cut back on cost, then Airbnb or an affordable chain hotel is a better option. With an Airbnb, you could save money by cooking your own food instead of going out to eat at a restaurant every day. All you have to do is find a grocery store nearby, get your food shopping done in one trip and you are good to go!

Getting a Spray Tan:

Although getting a spray tan is definitely a safer and healthier option than lying out in the sun or going into a tanning bed; it is still costly and only lasts for a short term. It is also important to note that a spray tan is dangerous to use as a base for tanning in the sun! If you are looking to save money, time and avoid any mistakes, holding back on the spray tan is definitely a more logical option. (Side Note: You also cannot take back a bad spray tan job!)

Purchasing an Overly Expensive Set of Luggage:

As someone who lives out of a suitcase, good luggage is essential, but expensive baggage isn’t. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on name-brand suitcases when you could find high-quality luggage at your local TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Walmart, etc. When it comes to traveling with a lot of stuff, it isn’t always important for your suitcase to look pretty, but rather to have enough room and compartments to stash the necessary items you are bringing with you.

Indulging in A Lot of Alcohol:

You don’t NEED alcohol to have fun – period! Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing bad about enjoying a refreshing beverage with an umbrella in it during your well-needed vacation, but over indulging in several drinks is completely unnecessary for your health, those around you and your bank account. Alcoholic beverages, especially at pool or beach bars, are usually over priced and loaded with cheap alcohol and extra sugary juices and syrups. Why spend your vacation throwing away money to just get drunk, sick and not remember how amazing your trip was? In my personal opinion, it isn’t worth it.

Buying Designer Clothing:

It is so easy to idolize overly edited photos of models wearing a Prada dress on top of Machu Picchu and easily assume that we all have to look like that when we go on vacation. The truth is, what you see on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook of these models is not realistic and you could easily find gorgeous clothing pieces right at your local mall. Stores like Target, Zara, Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, Lord and Taylor and Urban Outfitters are great retailers where you could purchase designer-looking clothing for a reasonable price. You could also find adorable apparel at your local boutique!

Ordering a Five-Course Meal:

One of the best parts of traveling is finding those little authentic gems where you could indulge in the best cuisines of the culture! I truly believe that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy amazing food. Many of us think that top-of-the-line restaurants, where you get a five-course dinner, is the best way to enjoy a meal during a vacation, but that is completely wrong! The majority of my favorite dishes from my own travels have been consumed at family-owned restaurants, located away from the heart of the city.

Shopping for Brand New Makeup:

In all honesty, most of the time when I travel I end up not wearing as much makeup as I do when I am home. The reason behind this is because when I am traveling I am usually on the go and don’t have time to put on a whole face-worth of make up; I am touring through a tropical area where my makeup is going to melt away; I am going swimming or I am traveling in a cold destination where my face is going to be covered up by a scarf. If you are looking to bring makeup on your next vacation, stick to what you have and save the new stuff for a different occasion.

Catching a Limousine to Take You to the Airport:

With the rise in popularity of Uber and Lyft transportation, it is unnecessary to schedule a limo to take you to the airport. I understand that going on a vacation is exciting and adding that extra luxury on your way to the airport sounds cool, but in all reality Uber’s and Lyft’s take you to the same location for less than half the cost. I am so thankful for these two car companies because they have hundreds to thousands of cars located in every major city and airport. You could also schedule an Uber or Lyft ahead of time as well so that you are covered when it is time to depart!

Packing too Much:

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary charges at the airport is by limiting the amount of items you pack. Creating a list of what you want versus what you need is the perfect way to prevent yourself from over packing. It is perfectly okay to wear an outfit more than once while you are away and you don’t need several pairs of shoes to walk around in.

Traveling During Peak Seasons:

A great way to save money while traveling is by going away during a destination’s “off season”. One of the best ways to determine a country or city’s “off season” is by doing thorough research of when the destination’s prime tourist season takes place as well as the weather patterns throughout the year. As an example, Greece’s prime tourist season is during the summer. What many people don’t realize is that early fall (September and October) is a beautiful time to travel to Greece and you will still enjoy perfect weather without falling into a tourist trap. This time period is also perfect because tourism is much lower due to the start of the school season in many countries.

Since this blog post was a follow up to the article I posted last week, I hope you found it to be even more helpful when it comes to saving for your next trip. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at TAYLORL.DEER@gmail.com or social media @brown.eyed.flower.child.

Happy Travels!



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