Staying in a Buddhist Temple in Mount Kōya, Japan (What to Expect)

Traveling Back to the Future in Japan Mount Kōya is a peaceful Buddhist temple settlement located in the mountains of Wakayama Prefecture. This sacred town is located two hours south of both Nara and Osaka and is the ideal place to find peace. During my time in Mount Kōya, we had the opportunity to stay […]

What to do in the Winter in Montréal, Québec

Bonjour L’hiver! Montréal, located in the French Canadian province of Québec is a magical place to visit in Eastern Canada. Whether you are traveling around Canada, venturing through the Northeast of North America or are looking for a weekend getaway from the Tri-State or New England area, there is so much culture to immerse yourself […]

A Four-Day Weekend Road Trip in Iceland

An Epic Four-Day Weekend Itinerary As one of my favorite destinations in the world, Iceland is full of natural jewels that should never be left undiscovered by those who have a sense of wander. The land of fire and ice features picturesque waterfalls, enchanting mountains and rolling hills, beautiful horses, dreamy coastlines, wonderful green houses […]

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