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Get to know the girl behind the Brown Eyed Flower Child – Taylor!

Hey Everyone! It’s Taylor here and I am the whimsical world travel blogger behind Brown Eyed Flower Child.

I am a millennial mid-budget and boutique travel blogger, writer and content creator from New Jersey (just outside of New York City).

My Story:

Prior to starting the Brown Eyed Flower Child, I graduated James Madison University (JMU) in Virginia with a degree in communication studies, concentrating in public relations. After graduating, I immediately threw myself into the public relations agency world in New York City to shortly find out I was living another person’s dream. A year later, I decided to switch over to corporate marketing that better suited my career goals. After four and a half years of working in marketing communications, gaining relevant skills and saving up enough money, I was ready to say goodbye to the cubicle and mundane 9-5 lifestyle (which I found out the hard way that it wasn’t for me since it started to take a toll on my mental and physical health) and dive into what I was truly passionate about ~ traveling, writing and creating content!

How it all Started:

During my college years, I had the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain. Prior to studying abroad at the age of 20, I never owned a passport and the furthest place I ever traveled to was Florida for dance competitions and to visit family. I always had a sense of wander, but my thought was always “One day i’ll get out there.” The first time I discovered that travel was my passion was when I returned home from Spain and was the only one from my study abroad group still obsessing over the trip.

The Savior:

After a few years of recovering from being a broke college student, I rekindled my love for travel with a trip to the Greek Islands for my 25th birthday in summer 2016. My travel-writing journey shortly began six months after that in early winter 2017. At the time, I was still working a corporate job, but was also a guest blogger for my cousin’s luxury travel agency on the side. I absolutely LOVED blogging, especially in the travel niche, so I decided to start my own blog in March 2017 called Travels with Taylor. For a year, my blog was a personal travel diary. I enjoyed writing new blog posts every week and was brainstorming ways to pursue a career in the travel industry. I honestly never thought you could make a living through blogging until I started seeing influencers that I looked up to on social media doing it as their full time job. I figured, if they could travel blog professionally, so could I! So I began taking e-courses on the business of blogging and adapted a positive mindset.

A year later in March 2018, I was ready to leave the corporate world for good, went through a major rebrand, changed my brand name to Brown Eyed Flower Child and began to take my blog as a business. Everyday, I am continually creating content to provide value to every single one of my readers and followers and inspire them to get out there and “See the World through my Brown Eyes”.

Welcome to the Brown Eyed Flower Child:

Today, Brown Eyed Flower Child is a rapidly growing brand and mid-budget, boutique travel blog that provides a trusting source with real-world experiences. I created this space to show the world through my eyes in a dreamy way while providing travel guides, stories, tips and recommendations, checklists, inspiring photography and other resources for the mid-budget, boutique traveler.

So far, I have traveled to breathtaking countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. I also am making my way around North America and the United States. I try to travel somewhere new once a month (even if it is somewhere local to where I live) to continue providing my readers and followers with inspiration.

Along with traveling, my current hobbies include reading, hiking, skiing, ice skating, visiting wineries and discovering hidden food gems.

Hop on board and enjoy the journey through my eyes!


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