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Get to know the girl behind the Brown Eyed Flower Child – Taylor!

Hey Everyone! It’s Taylor here and I am the whimsical travel blogger behind Brown Eyed Flower Child!

I am a mid-20s world travel blogger, writer, content creator, fashion enthusiast and yogi from New Jersey.

My Story

Prior to starting the Brown Eyed Flower Child, I graduated James Madison University (JMU – Go Dukes!) in Virginia with a degree in communication studies, concentrating in public relations. After graduation, I was a completely lost soul. I began working in the public relations agency world in New York City to shortly find out I was living another person’s dream. A year later, I decided to switch over to corporate marketing that better suited my career goals. I worked and gained incredible skills during my first corporate marketing position, but decided to change jobs when I grew out of what I was doing two and a half years later. When I started my next job in corporate marketing (a step up from my previous position), I knew I had made a major mistake. I was extremely unhappy and felt that my creativity skills were put on hold. I then switched over to another position in corporate communications (after only three months of working in the previous position) to become even more unfulfilled in my career. I remember coming home everyday being upset, waking up with anxiety and shortly becoming depressed. I knew I needed to find something that fed my soul, but didn’t know where to even begin.

The Savior

During my college years, I had the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain. Prior to studying abroad at the age of 20, I never owned a passport and the furthest place I ever traveled to was Florida. I knew I was passionate about travel from my trip to Spain because I was the only one from my study abroad group who was still obsessing over it months after I returned.

After graduating college, I came back to my hometown in Northern New Jersey where I felt stuck and unhappy. I was aching to get back out and start exploring more of the world! After a few years of finally saving some money and recovering from being a broke college student, I booked my first trip back to Europe since studying abroad in Spain.

2016 was the year where the universe saved me by allowing the travel bug to bite me once again. Travel brought me back to my true and happy self and I loved every second of it. I began to book even more trips and eventually my cousin, who owns a luxury travel agency in South Florida, reached out to me to guest blog for her website. I hopped on the opportunity right away and shortly fell in love with travel writing.

My travel writing journey began during winter 2017. It actually became an escape for me while I was still working a corporate job. A couple months later in March 2017, I started my own blog called Travels with Taylor. For a year, my blog was a personal travel diary. I LOVED writing new blog posts every week and was brainstorming ways to pursue a career in the travel industry. I honestly never thought you could make a living through blogging, until I started seeing people on Instagram and Facebook doing it as their job. I figured, if they could travel blog professionally, so could I!

A year later in March 2018, I left the corporate world for good, went through a major rebrand, changed my brand name to Brown Eyed Flower Child and began to take my blog as a business. Everyday, I am continually educating myself and creating content that will inspire you to get out there and see the world through my eyes.

Welcome to Brown Eyed Flower Child!

Today, Brown Eyed Flower Child is a mid-budget travel blog catered to men and women who enjoy traveling solo or with others. It is also a space for those who cannot travel or personally choose not to. I provide weekly articles that include my own personal experiences for everyone to enjoy!

So far, I have traveled to breathtaking countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. I also am making my way around North America and the United States. I try to travel somewhere new once a month (even if it is local to where I live) to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing while providing you all with city guides, tips and recommendations, travel stories, checklists, pristine photography and so much more!

Along with traveling, my current hobbies include reading, hiking, skiing, ice skating, visiting wineries and discovering hidden gems.

Hop on board and enjoy the journey through my eyes!



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