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Traveling Around the World in Style

Not only do I love exploring different destinations around the world; I enjoy doing it in style! Last spring, I wrote a blog post on some of my favorite outfits from my trips and today, I wanted to provide an update on some more travel style ideas since I have hopscotched to several more places over the past year.

Not only do I provide outfit inspiration below, I also listed some of my favorite stores that I love to shop at for upcoming adventures. Please note that some of the items I list below are no longer available, but the stores they are from offer a wide arrangement of other amazing options for travel. Check them out!

Palermo, Sicily

I traveled to Sicily at the end of June and the weather was sunny and in the 80s and 90s every day. Prior to traveling to Sicily, I knew that I was going to be walking A LOT, so I purchased several off-the-shoulder tops and dresses as well as cute shorts and skirts. This photograph was taken on the first day I arrived and since my friend Ian and I started exploring just as I walked off the plane, this was the perfect (and most comfortable) outfit to begin wandering in.

Off-the-Shoulder Top: Marigold Boutique

Shorts: Tobi

Mdina, Malta

When you think of the perfect and quaint location to get lost in, Malta is just that place. I loved wearing this ruffle, off-the-shoulder dress as I wandered through this beautiful, fortress country. I visited Malta during the same time of year that I traveled to Sicily, so it was also a 90-degree day. This dress was light enough to keep me from sweating as I explored.

Off the Shoulder Dress: Lulus

Sandals: Vestique

Damnoen Saduak, Thailand

No matter when you travel to Thailand or what activities you participate in while you are there, harem Elephant Pants are the way to go! You can purchase these great pants online, while saving elephants worldwide or you can support a local and purchase them while you are in Thailand. Whether you choose to purchase these great pants online or buy them while you are in Thailand, there will be a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Not only are Elephant Pants super comfortable, they are also appropriate enough to wear while you tour temples and sacred sites.

Top: Island Gypsy

Pants: The Elephant Pants

Cork, Ireland

I visited Ireland in the fall and there was nothing better to wear than a cozy sweater with a cute pair of denim. I LOVE Urban Outfitters‘ fall sweaters and this mustard-colored crop kept me feeling cozy and cute as I toured Jameson Distillery in Cork. In addition, Lucky Brand‘s Boyfriend jeans are comfortable and are a great addition to a warm sweater.

Crop Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Lucky Brand

Shoes: Aldo

La Jolla, California

Over the winter, I was in dire need of a getaway, so I flew out west to visit my friend Kathryn who just recently moved to San Diego. Since it was January in San Diego, the weather was in the 60s and 70s for most of the week, so I found these adorable shortalls and paired them with a crop sweater. During my time in SoCal, I received many compliments on this outfit and it was also comfortable to wander around in as well! Guess what? These great shortalls are still available to purchase for this upcoming summer! Get them now while they are still in stock.

Shortalls: Marigold Boutique (Available)

Crop Sweater: Express

Shoes: Converse

San Diego, California

Am I really on vacation if I don’t visit at least one winery? During my time in San Diego, Kathryn and I made our way over to a beautiful wine village in Escondido (San Diego County) to taste some delicious Southern California wines and have a fun girls day. I opted for this colorful, off-the-shoulder romper. This adorable and loose romper is perfect for a warm day in the sun and it is still available on Marigold‘s website! Get this gem while you can.

Romper: Marigold Boutique (Available)

Winelands, South Africa

If you read my recent blog post on my adventures in South Africa, you probably saw many candid shots of me sipping on wine in this adorable dress. I LOVE this outfit and think it was the perfect combination for a lovely summer day wine hopping in South Africa’s dreamy winelands. Unfortunately, this dress recently went out of stock on Vestique, but the good news is that they get inventory back in pretty quick. These comfy shoes are also in stock on maurices!

Dress: Vestique

Shoes: maurices (Available)

Clifton Beach, South Africa

Below is a picture of one of my favorite beach outfits at one of my favorite beaches. Being 5′ 3″, I have to admit that I am still getting used to wearing one-piece bathing suits. I found this beautiful gem on Zaful! This website is a great place to find expensive swimsuits for a good deal, but be prepared that you may have to wait a few weeks before you get it in the mail. Before you question Zaful, it is great to know that they have awesome customer service! If your package is taking a while to get to you, they will get back to you right away (if you reach out) and they will even provide a refund if you experience any issues whatsoever. I definitely recommend it! I also found these beautiful shorts on Vestique, which are extremely comfortable. Luckily, both this bathing suit and shorts are still in stock!

One-Piece Bathing Suit: Zaful (Available)

Shorts: Vestique (Available)

Boulder’s Beach, South Africa

One of the most unforgettable adventures was when I got to hangout with some friends in tuxedos in South Africa. I obviously had to keep my outfit game up to par, so I opted for this adorable red bikini from Frankies Bikinis and an adorable red floral skater skirt I got from a local store called Hazel Boutique. I loved how my red outfit stood out amongst the blue waters.

Bathing Suit: Frankies Bikinis

Skirt: Hazel Boutique

Lavallette, New Jersey

For Easter this past weekend, my family and I celebrated at our shore house in Lavallette, NJ. You only have to be in Lavallette to know how beautiful and peaceful it is. Since I was surrounded by so many pastels, I broke out this brand new eyelet dress from Loft ! This pretty pink dress is still available and makes for the perfect spring outfit.

Dress: Loft (Available)

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post on some of my favorite travel outfits and that it gave you style inspiration for your next trip. Even though the images above only showcase a small handful of my travel outfits; my wardrobe is packed full of great items from awesome retail shops worldwide (perks of being a shopaholic). Here is a list of some of my favorite stores to shop at before I travel:

Happy Travels!

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