Personal Diary: Happy Thanksgiving from Taylor

Wow! What a year it has been. I could remember like it was yesterday that I was sitting in an old office cubicle praying for more adventure in my life. (Like, really praying!) Needless to say, 2017 has been full of adventures, both good and bad.

As I was thinking to myself late last night and pondered over how I really feel like I have reached the place in life where I am living in the present and doing what I am made to do. (It only took 26 years, but patience is a virtue!) For so long, I was trying hard to find my place in this world and I was looking for it in all of the wrong places, people and things. About a year and a half ago, I decided to change that mindset and go for what makes me truly happy and to also just LIVE!

This Thanksgiving, I would love to express my gratitude to 50 things I love about my life. I hope you enjoy this blog post and that it gives you some inspiration to take the time out of your busy day to think about what you are most thankful for in your own life.

I am Thankful For:

  1. My Physical and Mental Health Improvements
  2. My Parents
  3. My Grandparents
  4. Planet Earth
  5. My Faith
  6. Nature Therapy
  7. My Extended Family
  8. Traveling and How It Has Helped Me Love Life and Realize the World is Bigger than Any Problem I Face
  9. Having the Motivation to be an Entrepreneur and Pursue my Dreams in the Travel and Yoga Industries
  10. Not Settling
  11. Knowing When to Get Out of a Situation
  12. Yoga
  13. Yoga Teaching
  14. Love
  15. My Friends
  16. Cute Coffee Shops on a Rainy, Cold Day
  17. Craft Beer Joints on a Friday Night
  18. Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Mexican Food
  19. Sundresses in the Summer and Warm Sweaters in the Winter
  20. Freedom
  21. Peace
  22. Animals Who Will Love You No Matter What
  23. Music
  24. My Blog As a Haven to Escape from Reality
  25. Sunny Days
  26. Hope
  27. A Good Book
  28. Having a Work/Life Balance
  29. Seasons
  30. Bakeries
  31. Being Able to Help Others
  32. Photography
  33. Social Media, because Without It, I Wouldn’t Have a Career
  34. Wineries
  35. Being an Extroverted Introvert
  36. Having a Sense of Wander No Matter Where I Am
  37. Feeling things Deeply
  38. Being Unique In My Own Way
  39. All of The Job Opportunities that Helped Direct Me to Where I am Meant to Be
  40. Kind People
  41. Being Able to Walk, See, Hear, Taste and Breathe
  42. Spiritual Awakenings
  43. Happiness
  44. All of My Followers and Supporters
  45. My Bosses, Teachers and Mentors
  46. Being Able to Manage My Money, Knowing Where My Limits Are and Saving for the Things I Love To Do
  47. Brunch
  48. Christmas Lights
  49. Prayer and Meditation
  50. Being Alive

Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about how I changed my life around to pursue my dreams or if you are interested in starting your own yoga or traveling journey. It would also be great to hear what you are thankful for!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season!



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