A Four-Day Weekend Road Trip in Iceland

An Epic Four-Day Weekend Itinerary As one of my favorite destinations in the world, Iceland is full of natural jewels that should never be left undiscovered by those who have a sense of wander. The land of fire and ice features picturesque waterfalls, enchanting mountains and rolling hills, beautiful horses, dreamy coastlines, wonderful green houses […]

The Best Santorini Experiences For Solo, Couple and Family Travelers

Blog Tour: Ultimate Greece During my time in Greece, I hopped on a **small plane ride from Athens to the crescent shaped island of Santorini. I highly recommend **booking your flight early in the morning so that you could enjoy the full day in Santorini. The flight from Athens is just short of 30 minutes. […]

Blog Tour: Ultimate Greece, Mykonos

It’s Time to Party! After enjoying a relaxing two days in gorgeous Paros, we were fueled up to take the party over to Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, Mykonos. This beautiful island features a whitewashed paradise and the best nightlife in the Mediterranean region (along with Ibiza, Spain). In Mykonos, you can catch celebrities roaming […]

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