My Favorite Travel Resources (for both travel planners and bloggers)

As someone who believes that traveling shouldn’t only be available for the rich and famous, I compiled my favorite resources so that you could save money and globe trot easily. From budgeting to discovering travel inspiration, below are sites and resources I use on a regular basis.

**Please note that this page uses affiliate links meaning that if you make a purchase via my affiliate link, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only promote and talk about products and services that I have used and like.


Skyscanner: When it comes to searching for the best flight deals, Skyscanner is always my first stop. I love how you could filter flights by price, number of layovers, duration and airline. It is also my go-to for when I track flights for future trips. If I see that a flight is too expensive, I will put a tracker on it and Skyscanner will let me know when the prices are at its lowest and if I should book now or wait.

Expedia: I will not (and I repeat, WILL NOT) book a flight unless I know I am getting the best deal and let me tell you, I have gotten some amazing flight deals from my past trips through Expedia. I love how Expedia always features amazing deals when it comes to flights. I have gotten flights for a great price to Iceland, Sicily, Cape Town, Paris and Bali.


Airbnb: One app that I am currently obsessed with is Airbnb! I had nothing but wonderful experiences with this company and it is a great way to save money. Depending on your budget and needs, you could rent a home, apartment, tree house, castle, room or couch with Airbnb. It is seriously awesome! One of my favorite ways to not break the bank when I book my accommodations is by using Everyday, will post new savings and deals for you to discover while booking and saving easily.

Eating and Seeing:

TripAdvisor: When I am traveling in different countries, I LOVE using TripAdvisor to find the best restaurants, coffee shops, bars and events. One of the best features of TripAdvisor is that you could read other travelers’ reviews, which helps narrow down your search for things to do, see and eat.


Rail Europe: There is nothing more magical than gallivanting around the storybook towns of Europe. One of my favorite forms of transportation when I am traveling to fairytale cities is by high-speed trains. Rail Europe is my go-to when I am booking train and rail passes around Europe. No matter where you are traveling to, there is a route that Rail Europe will provide for you.

GOEURO: Once you are in Europe, it is so easy to get around and explore other countries and cities. My favorite resource for finding cheap flights, busses, trains and other forms of transportation is through GOEURO. In addition to transportation, GOEURO also offers great deals on hotels!

Travel Resources:

Lonely Planet: When it comes to planning my next trip, I always love to read Lonely Planet‘s travel guides. Lonely Planet is the perfect all-in-one travel guide that provides hotels, restaurants and sightseeing recommendations.

Group Travel:

If you are a beginner traveler, someone who likes to splurge on a once-a-year trip, a solo traveler, looking to make friends or even travel with your tribe, then adventuring the world through organized group tours is the best way to go! Over the past three years, I have gone on at least one organized group tour and have made so many wonderful memories. In fact, I did an organized tour to the Greek Islands, Thailand and Japan. What is great about traveling through a tour company is that they do all of the travel planning for you and they also have payment plans and run wonderful deals to make your trip affordable. Below is a list of my favorite group travel companies. They are perfect for the Millennial or Generation Z wanderer.

Travel Photography:

GoPro: A traveling must-have is a GoPro! This great device can be taken with you on scuba diving and ski trips. The GoPro camera is also awesome for white water rafting, zip-lining, horseback riding and so much more. To top it off, it is simple to use and comes with the Quik editing software that makes it easy to create memorable video content.

Travel Necessities:

Walgreens: Before I jet set, I always make sure that I have all the necessities I need for my trip. Walgreens is the number one store where I stock up on all of my travel products. What is great about Walgreens is that they have a wonderful Balance Rewards program where you could gain points to save money on all of your necessities and favorite products.

Travel Blogging Resources:

Superstar Blogging Courses: Wondering how I started a travel blogging business? Looking to start your own travel business anywhere in the world? Even though travel blogging is not an easy career to start on your own, Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Courses offers the BEST learning resources for those who are looking to be more than just an influencer.

As a multifaceted school, Superstar Blogging features industry experts, renowned writers, photographers, marketers and YouTubers. You will receive one-on-one feedback, ongoing support as well as a strong community of other students to help you grow your blogging business. Some of the courses Superstar Blogging offers are The Fundamentals of Travel Blogging, The Business of Travel Blogging, Advanced Travel Blogging, The Art of Vlogging: How to Become a Travel Video Expert, Capture the World: How to Master Travel Photography and How to Become a Successful Travel Writer.

As an ongoing Superstar Blogging student, I can attest that these courses are helpful and everything you need to become a successful travel blogger. In addition, Nomadic Matt also offers an annual travel blogging conference called TravelCon. I attended TravelCon this year in Austin and cannot wait for 2019’s conference in Boston.

Pinterest with Ell: One of the biggest ways I’ve grown my blog traffic is by using Pinterest. This amazing platform is my number one tool to grow my website audience and sales. Ell Duclos of Boss Girl Bloggers offers the best Pinterest course to help you grow your Pinterest traffic along with your blog traffic.

I took Ell’s Pinterest course over the summer and found it to be super helpful and informative. I recommend it to anyone looking to grow their blog traffic and audience.

Tailwind: When it comes to Pinterest, it is way different than Instagram in a sense that you do not need a lot of followers to be successful. Instead, it is important to have a large number of monthly viewers because that means more people are likely to click on your pins and go to your website (which means more traffic and sales).

The best way to grow your monthly viewers on Pinterest is by constantly creating new (and attractive) pins and continue to repin from both yourself as well as other pinners. One of the main reasons why I love Tailwind is that is allows me to pin in my sleep. You just schedule your pins for the week and Tailwind does it all for you! If you take Pinterest with Ell, she will go over all of the instructions to get you set up in Tailwind.

From using Tailwind, my monthly views grew from less than 100 to over 87K!

Later: It has been less than a year since I started enhancing my Instagram account and I am now close to reaching 10K followers. Back in late March 2018, I decided to rebrand and take my blog and social media to a more professional level. Growing my Instagram account was one of my first goals when I decided to take my blog as a business.

When it comes to growing your Instagram, you need to ENGAGE, ENGAGE and ENGAGE to grow organically! Besides engaging with other influencers in your industry and beyond, it is also important to create an aesthetically pleasing feed that is pretty to look at. Later is my number one resource for learning all things Instagram related! From gaining followers organically to creating beautiful photos and using Instagram for marketing to selling products, Later offers everything bloggers need from scheduling tools to eCourses and free lectures.





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