I’m Here to Show You the World through My Eyes!

Hi Friends!

I’m Taylor and many people consider me to be a brown-eyed flower child. I got this name because I have big brown eyes and a passion for traveling mindfully – meaning I love to travel with a purpose. Whether I am traveling to get out of my comfort zone and find myself, to gain better insight on the world, to help someone or participate in an event or retreat, each travel journey is special and means something different to me.

I created this space as way to show the world through my eyes. On my blog, you will find my own personal travel diary and inspiring stories, city guides, tips and advice, checklists, listicles, event summaries and the list goes on. Click here to read the Brown Eyed Flower Child blog.

If my blog posts inspire you to live my trips in person, I am more than happy to create custom-designed itineraries and travel packages to help you make beautiful and everlasting memories. Click here to learn more about my travel planning and our currently-featured packages.

Not only am I a world travel lover, I am also a 200-hour Register Yoga Teacher! There is nothing I love more than including yoga into my travels and also collaborating with other small business owners and companies to incorporate this mindful practice. Whether it is a birthday/bachelorette party, summer happy hour, a private business event or whatever else you can think of, I LOVE partnering with others to create a fun and happy time. Click here to learn more about my yoga party services.



My Latest Posts

City Guide: Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey

The “Sixth” Boroughs Welcome back everyone! Thankfully, it is starting to feel like spring in the Greater New York City Area. If you are anything like myself, I tend to become a hermit during the colder months (of course, whenever I am not traveling). This past weekend was the first time in a while where […]

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Travel Diary: Washington D.C.

Spring Weekend in the District Happy spring everyone! Even though the weather may still be a little chilly, I am starting to spy a few flowers popping out of the ground. As flora around the Northern Hemisphere are in full bloom, so are the poppy pink cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. As a way to […]

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Travel Tips: Outfit Inspiration for Your Next Trip

Traveling Around the World in Style Not only do I love exploring different destinations around the world; I enjoy doing it in style! Last spring, I wrote a blog post on some of my favorite outfits from my trips and today, I wanted to provide an update on some more travel style ideas since I […]

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